In a time when most Agents and Brokers are looking to reduce costs and expenses, go paperless, and most of all save time, Digital Signatures (an Internet based signing solution) provides the edge to do all this and much more. Are you still driving across town to obtain signatures?  Are you still attempting to go paperless without success? Do you find yourself working with illegible faxes or having to scan in countless documents?  If so….You will definitely want to look at the newest benefit offered through MiRealSource, Authentisign.  Authentisign is one of the great features available through Instanet Forms.

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Authentisign enables you to utilize digital signatures to quickly email documents over to clients, agents, title companies, lenders and any other party in the transaction for signatures and or review.

Authentisign offers a faster process with shorter turnaround times. Authentisign allows you, the agent, to select the documents you want to send to your client, select the routing order you want the parties to sign the documents, and determine exactly where you want the clients to sign.  A client cannot sign in the wrong area or miss a signature.  It’s fool proof… as it only allows the client to sign where the Agent or Broker has predetermined. Clients upon completion receive an executed copy of the documents delivered directly to their inbox. Authentisign also allow you to work and access the signed documents from anywhere via the Online System.

E-Signatures meeting the UETA compliancy standards are legally binding.  The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) was developed by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws to provide a legal framework for the use of electronic signatures and records in government or business transactions. UETA makes electronic records and signatures as legal as paper and manually signed signatures.

Many title companies and other agencies are now going to a completely paperless system and are utilizing digital signatures to allow for more security and better tracking of documents.

Sometimes it can be difficult to schedule a face-to-face last minute meeting with a client to list a property, sign an addendum, or write an offer. Using Authentisign you will have the edge on your competition even if you can’t immediately meet face-to-face with your client.   The documents can come back to you for your review or can be routed directly to the other parties in the transaction for their review and final signatures.

Close deals faster, be mobile, reduce costs, go paperless, and create a positive experience for the customer.   Show that you utilize the latest in technology setting you apart from your competition.

If you have chosen Instanet as your forms system as a member benefit of MiRealSource – you too can have access to Authentisign.