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Jun. 27, 2017

BS&A of Macomb & Grosse Pointe Available in Paragon

MiRealSource's Paragon includes BS&A (AccessMyGov) for all of Macomb county and the five (5) Grosse Pointes.


This provides MiRealSource members “deep-linking” directly to the BS&A property records from a Paragon listing report.  The deep linking (or quick-action link) works the same as the Realist tax quick-action link on a specific property.  If the property is not free from BS&A, it will take you to the payment page for that exact property.


Currently, the BS&A quick-action link is available on the ‘Legacy Full-Agent’ and ‘All fields Detail’ reports only.  Also, please note that we are still working with BS&A to allow FREE access to MiRealSource members for records with fees.


BS&A is the most up-to-date, accurate, and is considered the REAL SOURCE of the data by the court of law. We are very excited to announce this new relationship with BS&A and will be releasing new areas as they become integrated.

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