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May. 16, 2024

MiRealSource & Next Door Photos Collaboration 


At MiRealSource, we have always encouraged our brokers and agents to have a legal assignment of copyrights signed for every photoshoot. That assignment of copyrights applies whether the listing was photographed by a professional photographer/company, a friend, a team member, a seller, etc. The document should be signed by any person who clicks the shutter.


Brokers own the rights to their Real Estate Data as Shareholders of MiRealSource, therefore they’re granting MiRealSource access to distribute data under their membership licensing agreement. Now a responsibility of that ownership is to make sure you own the data from the start, including photography/videography/floorplans. This is just ONE reason why copyrights should be legally signed over to both an agent and broker from the photographer. 


MiRealSource has a copyright document brokers and agents can use as part of their business workflow. This document provides BOTH the photographer and agent/broker full copyrights. We recommend this is signed for every one of your listings from the person who clicked the shutter. 


We understand this is an added step, and we have been collaborating with a local photography company named Next Door Photos, a popular photography company among our membership, to help streamline this extra step and to inform them of MiRealSource’s recommendations to agents and brokers. 


Next Door Photos was very happy to brainstorm some ways with our team to automate the signature of a copyright assignment upon delivery of photography/videography. We are very excited we were able to work together to make this process easier for our members.  


MiRealSource members simply begin to place their order from Next Door Photos Website (date, time, location on their site) and there will be an option for ADD-ONs. Within the list of ADD-ONs, you can check MiRealSource. By checking MiRealSource, a signed assignment of copyrights will be emailed to you upon delivery of your photography/videography. It is extremely easy! 


Next Door Photos also offers a 10% discount to our members and has integrations with our FloorPlan App, CubiCasa to easily place an order from CubiCasa. Our agreement with CubiCasa also automatically includes photo copyrights for the floorplans and their added services.


To learn more about scenarios, lawsuits, best practices, etc, please sign up for our Photo Copyright Legal Con-Ed Class offered. We plan to have one this summer and fall. 



Please note, we are NOT saying you must work with NEXT DOOR PHOTOS, this is just an added benefit to their services. Any photographer you work with can be provided this document for signature. If there is a photography company that you would like to see have similar benefits of the workflow for the copyright document, this is something we can give guidance, data feeds, and/or any ideas to them. They can reach out to Taylor Fedewa at TFedewa@MIRealSource.net

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