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Aug. 22, 2018

Top 5 Contact Features in Paragon

Many REALTORS® use a third-party program to manage their prospects and clients. These tools can be very helpful and useful however, keep in mind—Paragon has some very valuable contact and prospect management functions available.


The wide range of functions which allows you to add, organize, archive important files, and schedule communications, as well as tasks for each contact. From here everything syncs to features in Paragon (Email or Client Connect) or other tools provided by MiRealSource like Instanet, Cloud CMA and/or other programs unique to that agent, or programs agents may choose to use, that are currently not offered by the MLS.


1.) When Adding a Client you can set up your prospecting preferences with the Collaboration Center Listing Portal in Paragon, and manage each individual contact. These listing communications sent are controlled under the ‘Contacts’ Tab in Paragon. This allows the agent to choose Collaboration Center's Search Options, such as: New & Edit, Edit Only, New Only, Disable, Agent Preview, (Agent Preview this allows agents to review listings before sending to the contact if enabled).

2.) Also within Paragon’s Contact Management, you can click on View and Manage Contacts. This will take you to archive documents, schedule tasks, review past email communications between you and your contact, and a snap-shot view of their Collaboration Center activity. The activity snapshot includes their favorites, rejected, undecided, and possible property choices, as well as the last notification they received from Collaboration Center.


3.) Paragon’s Contact Manager has the capability to create Mailing Labels, Export & Import Contact Files, and Print in a Spreadsheet view of contacts. Simply select the contacts you wish to apply these functions to and continue with the desired task.

4.) Once you open up the preferred contact, you have seven (7) different folders of options to manage your contact.

  • Contact Activity Folder – This folder provides an activity overview from automatic emails, or Client Connect Listing Portal Site through Paragon.

  • General Folder – This folder is available to review/edit the contact’s basic information, such as phone number, spouse/secondary name, address information, etc.

  • Search Activity Folder - This folder allows the agent to review their saved search criteria, edit or add an additional search for them

  • Saved CMA Folder - Any CMA from Paragon assigned to that contact would be saved in this folder.

  • More Information Folder:

    1. Notes- Track notes from meetings with your contact to remember.

    2. Tasks- Track tasks you still have to do for this contact (will auto-populate into Paragon’s calendar as a helpful reminder, click here to watch video).

    3. Documents- Any extra documents for that contact can be uploaded here.

    4. Financials- A place to keep track of all their expenses to avoid any sudden issue that may arise in the future.

  • Email History Folder - This folder tracks your communications on Paragon, between you and your client. For example, any listings that you have sent to them, either manually or through Automatic Email Notifications. via email on listings that have been sent from Paragon’s email messaging.

  • Summary Folder - An overview of all of the six (6) previous sections.

5.) Lastly, contact lists can become very long - thankfully, Paragon has a function that will allow you to mange your contacts by creating Groups. The grouping function allows agents to group specific contacts and archive them in categories such as Business, Personal, or Other. Naming and organizing these groups is important for mass communications with specific groups of your choosing.


For example: Organizations, contractors, friends, family, referral clients, long-time clients, etc. and adjust your mass communications depending on that group.

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