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May. 19, 2020

Virtual Open House Tips

MiRealSource wants to share several suggested virtual options for Open Houses—gaining the most eyes possible on the desired property with engagement from the comfort of a potential buyer's own home. 


The suggestions are listed below: 


Option 1 Virtual Open House Option: 

On April 8, 2020 Paragon released a NEW Open House option called Virtual Open House. It will be in the same location of traditional open houses, except you simply check “Virtual Open House.” In this location, you can now add a link to a live stream. The live stream link will be available everywhere you can find Open Houses in Paragon, including the Market Monitor, Single Property Websites, and Open House/Tour Searches.

Option 2: Facebook Event with Recorded Tour Link & Live Discussion:


a.)  Create an event on Facebook either on Personal Page or Business Page, its up to you, however if you create an event under your Business Page, you can boost the event and re-share to your personal page.

b.)  Click Create Event, add primary photo, title event VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE HOSTED BY________, add address, add time,  add schedule for event, and type of virtual event-- Live on Facebook, Steaming Link or Other. 

c.)  In scheduling your event, you could have a Facebook LIVE greeting, introduction, discuss the property & what they can expect with this Virtual Open House. Next you have to make a choice, whether you want to share a recorded video tour only on the event, or if you want to add a scheduled live stream via a platform such as Zoom, GoToWebinar, Google Hangouts, Skype etc. where you share the video tour or conduct totally live with your seller.

We recommend having your seller record a walkthrough tour with one of the streaming platform while you are on, and then you share that video live during your scheduled live steam (with whatever platform you choose). This allows you to see the video, make any changes, reshoots, and have control technically and without the seller on the live stream. However, if you co-host a live stream with your with your seller and they do a LIVE walk-thru of the property, the agent should coach them on how to properly walk thru (entrance, main living spaces, bedroom, bathrooms, basement, garage, backyard), and the seller should not answer any questions from the attendees, only the agent.

d.)  It’s also helpful to create the Facebook Virtual Open House Event a couple days before the    Open House is scheduled to go live. You can invite connections to the event, share to your wall, and ask others to share the open house event. Once you have people interested in attending the online open house, you can promote content on the event’s page for a couple days prior. Such as polls (see example poll below), teaser photos, helpful information of how they can list or buy a home right now during the shelter-in-place law or while everyone is practicing social distancing. See example of a schedule and posts prior to going live.

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