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Nov. 21, 2017

Top 3 Ways to Use Partial Function 

The Partial Listing Function in Paragon is an incredibly useful and unique feature to Paragon. The best way to comprehend what a Partial Listing is exactly, is to think of it as a draft or a Save As. 


If you have not yet entered all of the required fields of data or if you are not yet ready to submit it as a completed listing; the Partial Listing function will generate a temporary listing number. You may continue to save as a partial listing as often as necessary.


The three (3) best ways to use a Partial in Paragon are listed below.



1. Instanet’s Data Sheet—Push to Partial Listing:

When filling in a data sheet from Instanet’s Transaction Desk, an agent can auto-populate tax record fields from Realist or any additional fields after meeting with a client. From there, instead of re-keying the same information into Paragon, simply click the ‘Upload a Listing’ and it automatically sends all those fields filled out in your data sheet to Paragon as a Partial/Draft.  Now you can add photos, captions and descriptions, and proof—before making it live.



Find your Partial/Draft under Listings > Maintain Partial  > Select Listing and further enhance from here.



*This is covered in MiRealSource’s Hands-On Instanet class


2. Listing Entry in Paragon and Save As Partial:


Sometimes you have the listing and all the details necessary to add into the MLS, but you want to wait until you have your photography complete. After a listing is entered into Paragon from the agent himself or herself, a fellow team member, or an admin—the listing agent can then maintain the listing in Paragon, at a later time. This allows the agent to add photography, virtual tours, promo videos, or any extra elements at their convenience. And make it live once the listing is perfect! 


Find your Partial/”Draft” under Listings > Maintain Partial > Find the Partial listing > Select an Actionand further enhance from here.


*This is covered in MiRealSource’s Hands-On Admin Certification, Paragon Essentials, & Photos with Taylor (INTRO)

3. Admin’s Access and Push Live to MLS


Every agent and office operates and manages listings differently – However, if you have admins that enter your listings and photos, but still want to proof the listing one last time, before it goes live to IDX, Syndication, and Prospecting/Automatic emails to prospects, you can!


It doesn’t matter how it was added to the MLS (manually into Paragon, re-keyed or pulled from the automatic data sheet from Instanet), the listing agent can run a final proof of photos, data fields, captions, descriptions, remarks, etc. and approve to make it live.


1.) To Proof: Find your Partial/Draft under Listings > Maintain Partial > Select Listing and further enhance from here.


2.) To Make Live: Find your Partial/Draft under Listings > Update Status > Save Listing



*This is covered in MiRealSource’s Hands-On Admin Certification & Paragon Advanced Users class.



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