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Feb. 14, 2018

IDX & Syndication with MIRealSource

Syndication with MiRealSource: Zillow Group syndication and ListHub syndication are FREE through MiRealSource! If your office does not currently syndicate to Zillow and Trulia, the broker must submit theBasic Broker Syndication Request Form and email to support@mirealsource.com. The form is also found in Paragon MLS docs within the Request Forms folder.


To remain the owner of the listing information, including the photos, remarks and descriptions, always enter listing information through Paragon first, and let MiRealSource send the feed to listing portal sites. By directly adding the listing to listing portal sites (manually) or editing them, you could break the direct connection between the MLS and the sites as well as agreeing to the sites terms of service.


When entering/editing a listing manually (disconnecting from MLS) can also cause the listing information on sites to be inaccurate and not matching the correct MLS data. If there is an error on a listing that is being syndicated by MiRealSource, do not manually correct it. Instead, please report the error by contacting MiRealSource at support@mirealsource.com.




IDX Feeds with MiRealSource (GLR data): If you are looking to have listing data appear on your own personal website, MiRealSource is providing a Great Lakes Repository (GLR) feed through 37 different IDX vendors and growing. This GLR feed contains listings from 20 organizations representing 13 MLSs, which is two-thirds of the listings throughout the state of Michigan. For more information on requesting the GLR feed through a compliant IDX vendor, reach out to us at mirsidx@mirealsource.net.


If you are not looking to use an IDX vendor but still wish to have the GLR data on your website, MiRealSource continues to offer IDX SmartFraming links with GLR data. This service is now completely free for MiRealSource members and can be found through the Preferences tab on Paragon.

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