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Jan. 11, 2018

Expired Listing Alert Options

Every agent has different preferences as to how often they receive alerts and/or notifications on listing details. Receiving an Expired Listing Alert is one of those alerts that can be customized on an agent/transaction level—depending on your preference as the listing agent.


There are three (3) ways to manage your Expired Listing Alerts.


1. Market Monitor- Under the MY INFO tab of the Market Monitor—there is line for Expired Alert. This will link to the listings due to expired when selected. The number of listings generated due to expired is determined is set by how many DAY(S) FORWARD in the widget. The agent can set 1-7 days forward. 

2.) Paragon Calendar- The calendar widget will alert one week before of any listings due to expired. If the agent goes to the full calendar view you can see any upcoming listings due to expire that week or month.

3.) Instanet Transaction Tasks- Listing agents can set expirations alerts on their listings within Instanet. This will allow an agent to receive an email notification for anything you schedule as a part of that transaction's tasks.  To receive an Expired Listing Alert Reminder, schedule under TASKS of that transaction. 

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