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Jan. 26, 2018

3 Assume Identity Options

Assume Identity in Paragon has several different options depending on your needs as a Broker, Admin, Agent and/or Team Member. To help decide if you need Assume Identity and all its capabilities, please see options below.


1. Brokerage Level Assuming- This gives an admin/secretary of the office or firm the capability to manage everything in the system as well as ancillary programs (Instanet, Cloud CMA, ShowingTime, etc.) as the broker. They can assume the identity of agents within the office or firm to assist while allowing details to remain in the agent’s name, not the admin's/secretary's.


Another benefit includes the ability to enter listings and simply assign the listing to the listing agent from their logins without assuming anyone’s identity. This is called broker loading - providing a seamless workflow without jumping and in-and-out of different peoples’ identities within Paragon. Broker loading also includes the ability for the admin or secretary to make any brokerage changes on the listings, such as price change, status change, etc.



2. Agent Assistant Assuming- This allows individual agents the option to grant someone with their own login to Paragon the ability to assume their identity. This allows two people to be in as the same person WITHOUT being kicked out of the system. This is often used in a two-person team scenario or an agent with an administrative assistant to help manage business in their name. A two-person team might work together to manage listings. For example, if one agent is on vacation or taking personal time; they could have another agent watch their business while they’re out.



3. Team Member Assuming- This allows groups of agents to have assume identity of each other or a certain person to have access to members in the team.  This applies to admins being able to assume the team leader, buyers’ agent, listing agent, etc. But it also applies if the agents in the team need access to other agent team members as well. The Team Assume Identity can be customized based on the needs of the team and who receives access to whom.


To request Assume Identity or confirm Assume Identity is set up per your needs, call membership at 248-247-1040.

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