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Feb. 27, 2018

Send Multiple Listings as PDF Attachments

Users will be able to choose a group of listings and report views to attach to an email as a PDF file.  Only the manual Paragon email process has been modified.  These changes have been implemented in Paragon Public records also.  The maximum length of the PDF file that is allowed is 20 pages.  The retention rate of email attachments will match the retention rate of emails defined by customers. 



If the attachment is longer than 20 pages, it will be cut off at 20. The HTML attachment type was removed from Paragon emails. In some cases, multiple page HTML files were generating inconsistently and PDF formats are the most common format used.


The Print Plus function has been used in the email module to accomplish this change.  The manual email dialog has been heavily modified to display warnings about email attachment lengths and to remove invalid references.


NOTE: These reminder messages are only displayed when the “Attachment (PDF)” option is selected.

 Users will now have to accept a warning after selecting listings and reports or they cannot continue with the emailing process.


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