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Oct. 15, 2019

Homesnap’s Newest Features (2.0) Coming in Nov.

Seller Profiles/Predictive Analytics


Homesnap’s newest 2.0 release (Coming in November) will include Homeowner Profiles and Predictive Analytics on properties, allowing agents to gather information for even better farming and strategic target marketing. 


The information included in the NEW Homeowner Profile Feature:

·     Names & Property 

·     Contact Information (Unlimited Amount of People)

·     Tracking of Favorite Homeowner Profiles 

·     Recently Viewed Homeowner Profiles

·     Social Media Profile (Pro +)

The newest predictive analytics feature builds Likeliness to sell based on MLS history, Public Record Data, Tax History Mortgage History and Deed History. 

MLS & Public Record Data:

A comprehensive view of historic market activity for every home, rebuilt for agents.

·     All related agents

·     All historic photos

·     All previous listings

·     All on one screen


Tax History:

Historic updates share available from the tax assessor over time. 

·     Understand the value of the land vs. the structure (improvements).

·     Track increases in assessment value and taxes owed.


Mortgage History: 

·     Get full details of every mortgage reported to the county.

·     Net equity, outstanding balance, estimated interest rate, loan type, and term.

·     Refinances, second mortgages, variable rates, and more.


Deed History: 

See every time the property has changed hands in recent history.

·     Validate transactions by comparing MLS history, mortgages and deeds.

·     View special case situations such as inter-family transfers.


In addition to MLS and public record information on properties and Homeowner profiles, you’ll also see a heat map and quick overview of homes that are most likely, likely and least likely to sell.  


The data is generated by a learning algorithm helping predict which homes will go on the market in the next year, allowing agents to contact owners before they list. This is NOT a guaranteed the Homeowner is ready or will sell. 

These newest features will be added to the Winter MiRealSource Mobile Class (Homesnap & ShowingTime). 

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