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Sep. 22, 2022

Northern Great Lakes Regional MLS LIVE in MiRealSource’s Home System

Back in 2021, we began an exclusive data sharing partnership with Northern Great Lakes Regional MLS (NGLR). This data share has gone through phases and has NOW evolved again!
MiRealSource & NGLR Data Share Timeline: 

  1. In early 2021, Single Sign-On from MiRealSource’s Paragon to NGLR’s version of Paragon within the Resources icon began. This did not include offers of cooperation and compensation. This type of data share allowed members to run searches and set up contacts.


  1. In early 2022, the data share was still Single Sign-On, however it began to include offers of cooperation and compensation. Meaning, members no longer needed to reach out to the listing broker to obtain a signed agreement to be paid a commission. Now, the compensation is shared between MLSs, automatically including that offer of cooperation and compensation.


  1. Now on September 15th, 2022, the data share will be officially LIVE in your home MLS without any additional steps, exactly like all our other data shares. It is a seamless direct data share that will automatically come up in your searches and includes offers of cooperation and compensation. 

The MiRealSource data share with NGLR includes the following organizations:

  • Aspire North REALTORS®- Traverse City, MI
    (Formerly Traverse City Association of REALTORS®)
  • Central Michigan Association of REALTORS® -Mt Pleasant, MI
  • Northeastern Michigan Board of REALTORS® -Hale, MI

We are thrilled with every data sharing partnership we bring to our members, with a goal to provide data for the entire state. We believe in providing our agents not only the most data but the most accurate data and in the most seamless way to provide listings and additional exposure for their clients.

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