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Aug. 24, 2023

Press Release
August 24, 2023
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MiRealSource Offers the Most Data in the State
MiRealSource Continues Strong Stance and Support of Data Sharing

Considering recent events, MiRealSource will continue to nurture and grow data sharing which includes cooperation and compensation with all current MLS data sharing partners and any future data shares that may follow. Data sharing with other MLS’s and REALTOR® Associations moving forward is crucial when acting in the best interest of real estate professionals and the real estate industry. So much so, that we provide the MOST data of any MLS in the state directly within our MLS system for a seamless search. 
MiRealSource facilitated data sharing in Michigan over a decade ago to counter the changes happening in the industry and to honor the wishes of our Broker-Owners. Our team has many years of experience with data sharing and work hard to be very clear with our members as well as the leadership of other MLSs/Associations that data shares can take several months to be visible from MLS to MLS – between aggregating the Data, Agreements, Integrations, and Mapping of the Data Feeds.

Currently, we are hopeful that any new MLSs will be prepared to take our data as well as be able to send their data with proper preparation and time. 
Data sharing allows agents to service clients over a much larger geographical area with accurate MLS data and the resources and tools they need to work fairly with other agents throughout the state. This innovative move to push for data sharing gives agents MLS of Choice vs. a single statewide MLS. 
MiRealSource’s stable governance model of 100+ years, which is comprised of Broker-Owners, allows all licensed agents to belong to ANY REALTOR® Board/Association in the state of Michigan to be a member of MiRealSource without any penalties or secondary memberships. 
REALTOR® Board/Association Freedom of choice allows agents to join a single MLS based on: 
  1. Tools 
  2. Data 
  3. Education & events  
  4. Customer service 
  5. Leadership 
  6. Governance models 
  7. Location 
This individual preference without having to belong to multiple MLSs in the state to efficiently run their real estate business such as: 
  1. Listing properties 
  2. Searching 
  3. Pulling comparables for CMA’s 
  4. Managing contacts  
  5. Generating accurate statistics – just to name a few. 
Some helpful resources below include: 
  1. List of Services 
  2. Map of Data with MiRealSource 
  3. New Agent Paperwork | Broker Paperwork
  4. MiRealSource REALTOR® Board/Association Vendored MLSs 
    1. Bay County REALTOR® Association  
    2. Clare Gladwin Board of REALTORS® 
    3. East Central Association of REALTORS® 
    4. Greater Shiawassee Association of REALTORS® 
    5. Lenawee County Association of REALTORS® 
    6. Midland Board of REALTORS® 
    7. Saginaw Board of REALTORS® 
    8. Southeastern Boarder Association of REALTORS® 
    9. Upper Peninsula Association of REALTORS®  

Or any other REALTOR® Board/Association in the State
MiRealSource is the largest broker-owned multiple listing service (MLS) in Michigan; established in 1921.  MiRealSource provides tools and education for real estate professionals though a web-based software program. MiRealSource services REALTORS® by collecting, maintaining, and distributing real estate data to our REALTOR® members to provide the best experience and service to the consumer. MiRealSource takes a unique and effective approach to growing by building relationships with other MLS within the State of Michigan.


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