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Aug. 14, 2018

Newest Features to Collaboration Center

Paragon’s client portal, Client Connect had a new mobile-friendly version with an additional look & feel released back in November of 2016. With any new version to a program, enhancements are always made. Below is a list of our favorite enhancements from the latest release in March.



1. Additional Information to Thumbnail View: Several additional pieces of information have been added to the Mobile Thumbnail report in CC2 including the following: the MLS number, city, state, zip code, status and sub-status. Below are the changes to mobile and desktop views

2. Filter Your Feedback: Throughout the process of using Client Connect, your client will provide feedback on listings as they navigate or via the emails they receive. The feedback can be categorized as “Favorites,” “Reject, “Possible,” and “Undecided.” The newest release allows the client to filter and review each category into their own folders.

3. Promote your Social Media & Website: All your clients see your agent profile section as they navigate and view listings on Client Connect. Now, you can customize your profile to add social media linking and additional links to your website. Prior to this enhancement, the agent section had a profile photo, broker name, and contact information. 

4. Edit Feedback: As mentioned above (#2), the client can filter their feedback and review. The newest release allows the client to edit their feedback and unmark and go back to “undecided.”  And you the agent can be alerted (client connect preferences wizard); if you want to be notified of these changes or other preferences. 

5. The Improved Map View: The ability to zoom in/out and pan has been enabled when viewing the matching listings from the map view. 

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