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Jan. 25, 2018

Streamline Your Real Estate Photography

MiRealSource requires at least one photo to be included on all residential listings with a minimum resolution of 640x480ppi (for all photos included). With today’s cameras, including smart phones, taking high resolution photographs—along with the ability for Paragon to take and syndicate high resolution photos, anything less than 640x480ppi is not a marketable photograph to promote a listing.

Moving forward, it’s important for agents to know the best way to archive and maintain their listing photographs, so it’s a smoother, easier and more organized process. We have two suggested methods of maintaining photos whether you maintain your own listings and the photography or work with an admin.

Choose which method works best for your workflow and keep in mind, we discuss these options inMiRealSource’s Photos with Taylor- Intro classes. 

Option 1:

Partial Function in Paragon: If you prefer to maintain your own listing photographs and want to a make the best first impression; we strongly suggest maintaining your listing by using the partial function in Paragon. 

Step 1: Admin manually enters the listing data from the Data Sheet and clicks “Save as a Partial”, or agent uses the Automatic Push from Instanet’s Data Sheet to Paragon’s Partial for the admin to maintain.

Step 2: Once the admin has entered the additional listing details, the agent can go into Paragon and upload his/her photograph themselves. This allows the agent to control photo order, add captions and descriptions, and resave as a partial, or click  “Save” and it’s LIVE in Paragon.

Note: Once the listing is LIVE—it will immediately be available in Paragon; the Client Portal (Client Connect) as a NEW Listing Notification; Automatic Emails; shared with our data sharing partners in approx. 30 minutes through the GLR, along with appear on syndicated sites in approx. 15 minutes. It’s important to note, your listing is a new listing ONE time. Listing updates, new photos, edits, etc. are all considered updates, and can take up to 24 hours depending on the vendor or website to appear.

By maintaining and adding your own photos through the partial listing function in Paragon; agents easily keep the original photographs on their own computer or drive. This saves time sharing or sending them to another party to upload. Using the partial function gives agents control of their photos and allows them to proof the listing before going LIVE. 

Option 2: 

Sharing Photographs via a Photo Storage Platform: If you prefer an office admin or your assistant to upload and manage the photography on a listing, you can still use the partial functionality in Paragon, and have the admin/third party add photos. However, streamlining the process of sharing photos is extremely important if you are going to involve a third party to maintain your photography.


Step 1: Let’s say you take 30-50 photographs to use on your new listing and you have the office admin or an assistant enter the listing manually from your data sheet, or use the Automatic Push from Instanet to Paragon’s Partial Function—all the listing information is saved and can be maintained.


Step 2: But to share the photos from your camera to the admin/third party person, emailing each image, or driving to the office to provide photos is not suggested nor efficient. Try using a photo sharing platform to store your listing photos in a folder and share that folder with the admin via a link to the folder.


Some examples of photo storage platforms are Dropbox, GoogleDrive’s Photos (photos.google.com), FlickR, or Cluster


Note: All platforms have a free storage limit and allow you to share a link to the folder for the admin to download the photos. You can pay for extra storage or delete the folder. However, if you delete the folder after they’ve been provided to the admin, be sure to back up your photos on your own computer. It’s important to keep records of your original photographs. 


A Google Drive Example: 

Add New Folder to Import and Store Listing Photos/Docs

Add New File once in Folder to Import Photos/Docs

To Share Folder of Photos with Admin(s) or Assistant, right click on folder and share link or send to their own Google Drive account.    


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