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Feb. 07, 2017

MiRealSource Welcomes BoxBrownie 

MiRealSource believes photos are the best and most important way to market your listing, and highly encourages the use of quality photos in the MLS. Although MiRealSource offers three (3) photography classes, sometimes you just want to hire a professional. After all, they are professionals!


MiRealSource has approved four (4) UNIQUE photography companies (who understand and agree to our high standards—including photo quality, photo rules, copyrights, and great service).


The newest addition to our recommended photographer list is BoxBrownie. BoxBrownie offers unique services to help edit and improve your own photography. 

Note: If you are using photographs from someone other than yourself (you did not click the shutter); copyrights might be assigned to the agent before submitting approval for a 3rd party to edit photographs. Copyrights will be returned to agent after the editing of photographs is complete, and rights do not remain with the BoxBrownie company.  Click here to read BoxBrownie's full terms and conditions. 



The Services:


Virtual Furniture: This option is great for your vacant listings, where photos with good lighting are not doing justice to the home. BoxBrownie can virtually add in furniture, to enhance the photo and better showcase the space.

Item Removal: Photo editing experts can declutter or remove any distracting item(s) from your  photos, that can take away from the overall appeal. Removing one or two key items can have a dramatic impact on the presentation of a room. 

Image Enhancement: Are you happy with the overall shot, but need a little extra TLC? Image enhancement done by a professional eye will lighten, darken, sharpen and saturate areas in the photograph.

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