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Sep. 05, 2019

MiRealSource & Northern Great Lakes Realtor® MLS Share Data

This Unique Data Share Does Not Include Cooperation & Compensation

22,113 Listings Displayed in Northern Michigan over the past 18 Months

The NEW MiRealSource & Northern Great Lakes REALTOR® MLS data share is extended to the following organizations:


  • Traverse Area Association of Realtors® -Traverse City, MI
  • Central Michigan Association of Realtors® -Mt Pleasant, MI
  • Northeastern Michigan Board of Realtors® -Hale, MI


Accessing Northern Great Lakes REALTOR® (NGLR) MLS data is super easy with your own Single Sign-On capability that provides a unique account to a NGLR’s Paragon database right from MiRealSource’s Paragon Resources Tab.  

The NGLR’s Paragon system is very similar to MiRealSource’s Paragon and should be an easy transition from one system to another as you find the need to access northern Michigan listings. 

Just like in MiRealSource’s Paragon system, you can set up buyers to browse listings in NGLR’s MLS (ie: Collaboration Center). You also can easily search and browse in all the same familiar ways, because it’s STILL a version of Paragon—not an unfamiliar MLS platform. 


However it is important to understand—access to this data is through another MLS’s version of Paragon you are signed into, meaning any customizations set, contacts saved, saved searches, data field organizations, etc. in MiRealSource’s version Paragon will not be established. This is a unique account/login tied to your name and email.

This also means offers of cooperation and compensation are NOT included and must be handled between you and the other agent and brokerage PRIOR to Showing Request


We’re so excited to say, access to this data is unique to MiRealSource members only; allowing our members even more data. Currently we share data three different ways. 


1.    GLR data share

2.    Vendored partnerships sharing data in Paragon

3.    This NEW form of data sharing with the Single Sign-On from MiRealSource’s Paragon MLS to Northern Great Lakes REALTOR®MLS 

Please note that this data share access does NOT grant cooperation or compensation:

  • Compensation paid by a listing broker in respect to any listing is established by the listing broker and is not fixed, controlled, recommended or maintained by any persons other than the listing broker.
  • Any offers of compensation visible in this data are extended only to Participants within respective MLSs. Participants must seek a separate agreement (prior to showing request) with the listing office regarding offers of compensation and/or cooperation on a listing outside of respective MLSs in order to ensure payment of compensation.
  • This data share does NOT obligate the listing broker to pay a commission to a broker from the other MLS who viewed the listing through the Sing Sign-On. 

  • Strict observance of the Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® by all Participants of both NGLR MLS and MiRealSource is required as a condition of this data share. The enforcement of the Code of Ethics shall be through the respective Boards and/or MLSs for their own Participants in accordance with professional standards and procedures of the respective Parties as specified in their Rules and/or Bylaws.


**By using and accessing this NEW Data Sharing with the Norther Great Lakes REALTOR®l MLS, you are agreeing to understand and have read above announcement and understand COOPERATION & COMPENSATION are NOT included in this data sharing operation.**

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