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Jan. 08, 2019

Driving Directions is Now Generated in Google Maps

We are excited to announce that the Paragon driving directions has been revamped. The dialog has been redesigned and will redirect the user to Google Maps via a new browser tab. Once in Google, the map is interactive and users can enjoy all the features that Google has to offer.

The dialog will still ask for the starting location which will be set to your default address. The selected listing addresses will display but cannot be reordered until after being redirected to Google Maps. If a listing address is blank, the dialog will indicated that at least one listings address will be ignored (in red text). Map updates are instantaneous. When Google updates their map features, customers will enjoy those updates immediately. No waiting for a Paragon release cycle.

Note that there is a slight limitation on how many addresses can be used to generate driving directions, which is currently nine (10 including the starting address). However, once in Google Maps, customers can take advantage of all the features offered such as reorder addresses, add addresses (up to nine), zoom inout, change map views, rotate the map, print the directions withwithout the map, email or text the directions to their phones, share the directions via social media, and much, much more.

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