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Sep. 01, 2020

The 4 Online Education Options

Educate Yourself on MLS Tools & More!

Our education options have flourished over the years and even more rapidly in 2020; given Realtors® strong need for continued online options that work for everyone’s learning style & availability. Since January of 2020, MIRealSource has added 4 Online Options for classes:

1) Live Webinars: 
We are continuing to hold Live Webinars through GoToWebinar on our products.  It’s been very successful and we’ve reached so many of our members.  You can find registration links in Paragon under the Resources icon and selecting Class Registration.  As well as on the main Paragon Homepage in the calendar section.  If your Brokerage Homepage is there, just select the MLS button (Upper right) to display our page.  As always I’ll add it to our weekly “The Education Corner”

2) YouTube Channel @ MiRealSource Media:
a.) RECORDED CLASSES: All of our classes we've held via Live Webinar have been recorded and added to our channel.  It’s easier to find what you’re looking for now that they are organized by Playlists!  Access to our YouTube classes can be found in Paragon under the Resources icon and then selecting Recorded Webinars. Or on the Paragon MLS homepage in the Quick Links section.  

b.) QUICK TIPS SERIES: These short and helpful videos have been added too!  We created short videos to get you the info you need without having to sit through an hour long class.

c.) PODCASTS: The Your Real Source Podcast past episodes are on there as well. Need great information on our industry?  Dave DeRees, CEO of MiRealSource has been busy interviewing many leaders to give you insight on what’s going on. 

d.) MIXIN IT UP WITH MIREALSOURCE VARIETY SHOW: Did you miss one of the shows or want to re-watch something you saw?  It’s all there for you!

3) Online Courses:  
Are you interested in learning right now?  We’ve created On Demand courses you can take at your own pace.

a.) NEW ADMIN CERTIFICATION: We’ve broken this online course into three different Modules: 
1) Rules & Regs
2) Help for you and your Agents
3) Hands-On!  

*** Watch the video tutorials then answer the questions associated with that module to pass and move on to complete all three modules for course credit. 

b.) NEW AGENT WELCOME:  This online course has four modules: 
1) Who are We/Value Proposition and Rules & Regs
2) Paragon Homepage and Products Tour
3) Paragon Searching & Collab Center 
4) Quick CMA’s the MiRealSource Way!

 ** Watch the video tutorials then answer the questions associated with that module to pass and move on to complete all four modules for course credit.  We’ve even created a MINI version for our members who have been out for more than a year and are required to attend again.  For example, you’re familiar with us, and the industry, you just need an update!

c.) MARKETING WITH MARKETSTATS: This online course has four modules:
1) Intro
2) Overview
3) FastStats
4) MarketStats Follow Along.  

** Taylor Fedewa, Director of Communications and Photography will share with you the tips to monitoring real estate trends by using MarketStat's reports and graphs. Taylor will teach you how to use InfoSparks (custom graph design), Fast Stats (custom reports) and the Areas (custom maps) to generate beautiful statistics. These stats will help to better educate yourself on the market, but to also create desirable marketing content for lead capture and communications with your book of business.

4.) One on One:
Have you already attended classes and watched the videos and still have a few questions or need something tailored to your specific needs?  We have a solution for you!  From the MiRealSource Facebook page's Appointment Request, select Services to request your complimentary One on One training.  Training will be conducted via Zoom or Go to Meeting where you can share your screen and get the help you need. To learn more about scheduling a One-On-One, click article HERE

PS:  Don't forget about our "Cheat Sheets" uploaded into Paragon under the MLS Documents link in the far upper right-hand corner.  Simply click on my folder called MiRS Education

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