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Oct. 09, 2018

MiRealSource’s Tech Tips for REALTOR® Safety Month 

In honor of October’s REALTOR® Safety Month, we wanted to remind our members of two (2) safety features available in two (2) of our most popular tools-- Homesnap Pro & ShowingTime. We strongly recommend using these safety features together as a part of your workflow when working with clients. 

1.Homesnap Pro- Safety Timer: The Agent Safety Timer allows agents to assign emergency contacts from the app and set a Showing Timer when conducting a showing. Therefore if the timer goes off, your emergency contact is alerted with your exact location. There is also a distress alert button which alerts your emergency contact when pushed

2. ShowingTime’s Buyer & Seller Profile: Before scheduling showings or meetings, we recommend adding a profile to your buyers and sellers with their name and contact info as well as any additional notes that might be helpful. This profile feature also has a section for tours with each specific client for addresses.

If you happen to find yourself or one of the agents in your office in an emergency situation, this client information/profile is available for brokers and brokerage admins.

Please note, all client information is private to any other agents/user. The brokers and brokerage admins have the security clearance to see these tours and contacts—if the information needs to be quickly retrieved. 

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