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Jul. 14, 2020

One on One Training Sessions & Requesting an Appointment

2020 has been a year of transformation and evolution for MiRealSource. One way we’ve tried to accommodate to our members’ needs in today’s current times is by providing online education LIVE and recorded training video to watch at your leisure. 


Most recently we’ve introduced One-on-One Training sessions to still provide that extra personal touch without doing group training in our classroom & exposing our members and staff to Covid-19. 


These One-on-One Training sessions are done via a LIVE Zoom or LIVE GoToWebinar with the trainer or staff member based on your topic or the product you need a little extra assistance with. 


The One-on-One Training Session Options Include: 

·     Paragon

·     Cloud CMA

·     Realist & BS&A

·     MarketStats

·     Lead Generation 

·     Collaboration Center

·     Instanet 

·     Authentisign 

·     Photography Questions 

·     Homesnap

·     Technical Support Assistance

·     Other- just include details in appointment request 



Requesting an Appointment:


Now you may wonder how do I request an appointment?  Don’t worry, it’s very easy and doesn't even require you to make a phone call. Simply visit our Facebook page http:www.facebook.com/mirealsource , and you’ll see a Book Now button or all the options available in the NEW Appointment section on our Facebook Wall.


Once you locate the appointment request section on our Facebook page, choose your training topic and a desired date and time. Once we receive the request, you’ll receive a reply via the Facebook Messenger from MiRealSource within 3 business days to schedule and confirm. This gives us time to coordinate times and dates with the best trainer for your needs.

If that date or time does not work, we’ll suggest other options for you and send you a training link to join your One-on-One training sessions via Zoom or GoToWebinar. If you’d like more than one person on this training session, please let us know and we can also invite them to the session.






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