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Aug. 12, 2021

TransactionDesk's Authentisign 2.0 is HERE

Given the high demand, with upwards of 100 attendees in the recent class, TransactionDesk and Authentisign remain extremely popular among REALTORS®. Therefore, MiRealSource is conducting weekly classes with a combination of TransactionDesk& Authentisign 2.0. Authentisign 2.0 is 60% faster with even clearer and sharper documents, which is just to name a few benefits to 2.0.


Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn about these features in one of our upcoming classes. 

Some New Features Include: 

  1. 2.0 is 60% faster 
  2. New sleek interface
  3. Clearer/sharper documents
  4. Editing the signing name in progress
  5. Add custom email messages & invites
  6. Correct rejected signature and leave feedback and add notes as to why it was rejected
  7. Drag and drop and delete rotated pages  
  8. Tools all in one location

Upcoming Member Classes:

October 22nd @ 10AM-Noon: 


Nov. 3rd @ 10AM-Noon: 


Nov. 9 @ 10AM-Noon: 


Nov. 17th @ 10AM-Noon: 


Dec. 3rd @ 10AM-Noon: 


Dec. 5th 10AM-Noon: 


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