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Apr. 05, 2017

Real Estate TV with MiRealSource

Digital Advertising is here to stay and it's a great opportunity for offices to promote their listings, brokerage advertising, and communicate throughout the offices with the agents. We strongly support providing brokers with tools/resources as well as find additional ways to help agents market their listings and themselves. Which is why Real Estate TV is a great tool for both brokers and agents!

What is Real Estate TV? Real Estate TV allows offices to advertise only their desired content throughout the monitors in the office (window, boardroom, lobby, etc.). Offices can have a customized TV channel looping throughout their firm per your needs.

How is Real Estate TV with MiRealSource Unique Digital Advertising? To start, it’s integrated within the MLS system meaning you can choose “showcase listings” to be featured and a beautiful slideshow of your “showcase listings” will stream throughout your brokerage channel. We’ll also set up your channel to not ONLY include your desired listings but also brokerage content. Such as additional branding, flyers, calendar of events, videos, birthdays, anniversaries, welcome new agents, testimonials, etc.

Can We Add More Content to Our Channel? Of course! You can also include local Weather, News (Business, World, Technology, and/or Entertainment), Inspirational Quotes, Random Facts, Local Traffic, Stocks, etc.
How is Content Updated? It’s simple! Once you set up your Real Estate TV desires, our team will show you how to put in a weekly request for us to update any content from Office Birthdays to more time-sensitive information, such as the local or national convention information. MiRealSource will update your content weekly and come install equipment to operate your custom digital advertising.
How Do I Set up a Meeting to Learn More? If you are interested in setting up your own digital advertising with MiRealSource’s Real Estate TV, simply email realestatetv@mireasource.com and one of our team members will be in contact to schedule a meeting. In this meeting, we'll discuss needs, options and prices available.

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