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About MiRealSource

What is MiRealSource? MiRealSource is the largest broker-owned multiple listing service (MLS) in Michigan; established in 1921.  MiRealSource provides tools and education for real estate professionals through a web-based software program. MiRealSource services REALTORS® by collecting, maintaining, and distributing real estate data to our REALTOR® members to provide the best experience and service to the consumer. MiRealSource takes a unique and effective approach to growing by building relationships with other MLS within the State of Michigan. Currently, MiRealSource vendors eight (8) MLSs on their custom version of Black Knight’s Paragon platform—giving the vendored MLSs their own board-level autonomy and control. MiRealSource began vendoring MLSs back in 2012 as a way to grow a larger geographic footprint, begin better data sharing operations and to help with standardizing the data for use in new innovative products. 

The Best Source: MiRealSource allows agents to quickly and accurately search properties in Southeast Michigan with the No.1 rated MLS system in the nation—Paragon5. MiRealSource is also the most efficient market place for REALTORS® to provide excellent service to their sellers and buyers–simply by offering the best and most accurate statistics in the state. 

Our Mission: MiRealSource’s mission is three-fold. First (1) is to provide supreme education for REALTORS®; second (2) is to provide the most innovative technology available to REALTORS®; and third (3) is to provide the most accurate data. In order for real estate professionals to receive the most accurate and expansive data, MiRealSource is a part of the Great Lakes Repository (GLR). The GLR is the best option for real estate professionals because it enables data sharing, opening up a wide array of statistics from tax records and multiple MLS’s in the state.