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MiRealSource & Next Door Photos Collaboration

May. 16, 2024

Next Door Photos was very happy to brainstorm some ways with our team to automate the signature of a copyright assignment upon delivery of photography/videography. We are very excited we were able to work together to make this process easier for our members. MiRealSource members simply begin to place their order from Next Door Photos Website (date, time, location on their site) and there will be an option for ADD-ONs. Within the list of ADD-ONs, you can check MiRealSource. By checking MiRealSource, a signed assignment of copyrights will be emailed to you upon delivery of your photography/videography. It is extremely easy!

Paragon Connect MLS App Available

Dec. 07, 2023

Paragon has been developing an MLS App (A NATIVE APP, NOT A BROWSER APP) of their own, called Paragon Connect. Not only can you access the MLS with Paragon Connect, you can also maintain a listing (price changes, add & maintain photos, upload photos, status changes, etc.) Paragon Connect is a one-stop-shop to the Collaboration Center and the Contact Manager in Paragon, PLUS additional third-party integrations.

MiRealSource Offers the Most Data in the State

Aug. 24, 2023

MiRealSource facilitated data sharing in Michigan over a decade ago to counter the changes happening in the industry and to honor the wishes of our Broker-Owners. Our team has many years of experience with data sharing and work hard to be very clear with our members as well as the leadership of other MLSs/Associations that data shares can take several months to be visible from MLS to MLS – between aggregating the Data, Agreements, Integrations, and Mapping of the Data Feeds.

MiRealSource Offers REALTOR® Association Freedom of Choice

Aug. 08, 2023

MiRealSource is and will remain a Broker-Owned MLS, not an Association-Owned MLS. Since MiRealSource is a Broker-Owned MLS, with a long-standing stable governance model (over 100 years), this provides agents the freedom of choice in their MLS, but also the freedom of choice of their preferred REALTOR® Association, while still receiving full access to the MLS platform (Paragon), tools, and statewide data—without any penalties or secondary memberships.

MiRealSource Continues Strong Stance and Support of Data Sharing

Apr. 04, 2023

MiRealSource’s stable governance model of 100+ years, which is comprised of Broker-Owners, allows all licensed agents to belong to ANY REALTOR® Association in the state of Michigan to become a member of MiRealSource without any penalties or secondary memberships. That freedom, gives agents the choice to join a single MLS based on tools, education, customer service, leadership, governance models, location and personal preference, without having to belong to multiple MLSs in the state to efficiently run their real estate business (listing properties, searching, pulling comparables for CMA’s, managing contacts, generating accurate statistics) – just to name a few.

MiRealSource Offers REALTOR® Association Freedom of Choice

Feb. 16, 2023

MiRealSource provides agents the freedom of choice in their MLS, but also the freedom of choice of their preferred REALTOR® Association, while still receiving full access to the MLS platform (Paragon), tools, and statewide data—without any penalties or secondary memberships.

Even Higher Resolution Photos

Jul. 26, 2022

We are excited to announce higher-resolution photos to Paragon are now available from 1280x960 to 3072x2304. These higher resolution photos have more pixels, which in return provides crisper, sharper and detailed photos. You’ll also see photos filling the frame in galleries and on your device screens. These higher resolution photos are also sent to all vendors and data sharing partners.

TransactionDesk's Authentisign 2.0 is HERE

Aug. 12, 2021

Given the high demand, with upwards of 100 attendees in the recent class, Transaction Desk and Authentisign remain extremely popular among REALTORS®. Therefore, MiRealSource is conducting many back to back classes.

2020 Pandemic Curve*

Sep. 08, 2020

Check out these weekly statistics MiRealSource generates which includes New Listings, Pending Listings, and Sold Listings. The data comes directly from the MLS and includes our data sharing partners. These graphs track stats throughout the Pandemic from March 2, 2020 to the current week, plus how it compares to the same time-frame in 2019. With these graphs you can see how the pandemic has effected the market; therefore keeping you & your clients informed. Given the uncertainty of today's times and market, these graphs are a great resource to follow.

The 4 Online Education Options*

Sep. 01, 2020

Our education options have flourished over the years and even more rapidly in 2020; given Realtors® strong need for continued online options that work for everyone’s learning style & availability. Since January of 2020, MiRealSource has added 4 Online Options for classes:

One on One Training Sessions & Appointment Requests*

Jul. 14, 2020

Most recently we’ve introduced One-on-One Training sessions to still provide that extra personal touch without doing group training in our classroom & exposing our members and staff to Covid-19. These One-on-One Training sessions are done via a LIVE Zoom or LIVE GoToWebinar with the trainer or staff member based on your topic or the product you need a little extra assistance with.

MiRealSource's New Data Share with MichRIC

Jun. 03, 2020

MiRealSource is very excited to officially announce we started our newest data share with Michigan Regional Information Center (MichRIC) in our home system, Paragon. This new data share brings an additional eight (8) MLSs worth of data to our members, since we already have three of the eleven (3/11) MLSs a part of MichRIC within Paragon from other data sharing agreements.

Virtual Open House Tips*

May. 19, 2020

MiRealSource wants to share several suggested virtual options for Open Houses—gaining the most eyes possible on the desired property with engagement from the comfort of a potential buyer's own home.

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