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NEW Rapid Population in TransactionDesk

Mar. 05, 2019

With this new enhancement called Rapid Population, the data from the property details page will automatically sync into your forms and therefore, you members will not need the Auto-populate button. That button will be removed from the basket and action menu.

ShowingTime Secure Access Benefits for Master Lock Users

Jan. 15, 2019

MiRealSource has conducted several events and meetings with members to discuss the Electronic Lockbox options and the change coming to the market. MiRealSource’s position still supports the brokers’ and agents’ choiceto adopt electronic lockboxes into business practices as well as which electronic lockbox option you choose—Master Lock or SentriLock.

Driving Directions with GoogleMaps

Jan. 08, 2019

We are excited to announce that the Paragon driving directions has been revamped. The dialog has been redesigned and will redirect the user to Google Maps via a new browser tab. Once in Google, the map is interactive and users can enjoy all the features that Google has to offer.

MiRealSource’s Tech Tips for REALTOR® Safety Month

Oct. 09, 2018

In honor of October’s REALTOR® Safety Month, we wanted to remind our members of two (2) safety features available in two (2) of our most popular tools-- Homesnap Pro & ShowingTime. We strongly recommend using these safety features together as a part of your workflow when working with clients.

Top 5 Contact Management Features in Paragon

Aug. 22, 2018

Many REALTORS® use a third-party program to manage their prospects and clients. These tools can be very helpful and useful however, keep in mind—Paragon has some very valuable contact and prospect management functions available.

The Importance of Geocoding your Listings

Aug. 22, 2018

Geocode means mapping. MiRealSource wants all listing agents to “map” or “geocode” their listings. With your listing(s) mapped correctly, this will ensure all Paragon users with the most accurate and precise data. Paragon will try to Geocode the property for you, but if it isn’t sure about the location it will leave the Geocode blank. Even if it does Geocode the listing automatically, there is a chance the auto geocode might not do the location justice.

Cloud CMA: Add Custom Pages

Aug. 16, 2018

Cloud CMA has many options to choose from when building a beautiful CMA for your client. But what if you wanted to add more than the options provided? Or perhaps, something specially designed from your brokerage and/or team?

Photo Field Trips- Complete the Program

Aug. 16, 2018

The photo field trips are only offered once a year; and it's such a great learning experience for agents to use their equipment, receive constructive feedback to improve their listing photography, and apply tips and professional techniques they've learned in the Intro and the Advanced classes. Don't miss out on this opportunity to better service your sellers and educate yourself.

Newest Features to Collaboration Center

Aug. 14, 2018

Paragon’s client portal, Collaboration Center had a new mobile-friendly version with an additional look & feel released awhile back. With any new version to a program, enhancements are always made. Below is a list of our favorite enhancements from the latest release in March.

Mobile MarketStats

Aug. 14, 2018

What if your client asks, "What is the average sales price for homes in this school district?" Simply, open ShowingTime App and under the menu side bar, you'll see MarketStats. Pull it up right away to provide them with the most information possible and prove you're the expert in the industry.

TransactionDesk Usability Enhancements

Jul. 24, 2018

Instanet's Transaction Desk released four (4) new user-friendly features to make the user/agent experience more convenient, and help with day-to-day challenges often experienced by agents.

TransactionDesk Tutorials & LIVE Webinars

Jul. 10, 2018

Don't forget the extremely valuable resources available to you through the HELP button in Instanet. The HELP button will take users to a well-organized library of tutorial videos (pre-recorded) and a section of upcoming scheduled LIVE webinars.

Newest Paragon Map Tip/Enhancement

Jul. 03, 2018

Paragon's newest release added two Map Search enhancements; making its usability more efficient. Enhancement one is an easy access to center on a Searched Address. And the second is the ability to easily choose from desired addresses (based on recent searches, and default locations). Check out more details in article.

Latest Blogs