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Aug. 16, 2018

Cloud CMA: Add Custom Pages

Cloud CMA has many options to choose from when building a beautiful CMA for your client. But what if you wanted to add more than the options provided? Or perhaps, something specially designed from your brokerage?


Good news, one of the many great features of Cloud CMA is the ability to create your own custom pages, upload a PDF and easily add them to your report. Many agents currently use the provided templates and predefined pages within Cloud CMA however, Cloud CMA has taken it one step further to give you, the agent, and your brokerage even more customization. This feature gives you creative freedom on how you want to show clients that you’re the neighborhood expert, their best resource, or simply that you’re the agent for the job!


Custom Pages/PDF Examples:

  1. Brokerage History

  2. A Custom Marketing Plan for your Client

  3. What to Expect: ie: Listing with John Smith from ABC Realty

  4. Special/Unique Services

  5. Tips for Home Sellers

Today’s buyers and sellers are looking for a unique experience with their real estate professional.  Take advantage of Cloud CMA’s custom page feature to connect with prospective clients on a personal level.


Adding your custom page/PDF is very easy!



To add Custom PDF Pages


Cloud CMA now allows you to upload a PDF document into your Cloud CMA reports!


1. Click on Settings in the top right corner of Cloud CMA

2. Select Custom Pages and locate the Upload a new PDF at the bottom of the page. Then select PDF you would like to upload. Or select Add and you can type your own language, images, links, etc. 

3. To add your PDF to either a previously created CMA or when creating a new CMA, select the Customize tab. Now locate the Custom Pages Section on the left side of the page and click the PDF to add it to your report.

The PDF should now be added to your report. Click Publish Report to complete your report. To see the report after publishing, please view the report

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