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Dec. 06, 2017

Collaboration Center for Sellers

The Seller Side of Collaboration Center is a favorite feature of today's sellers. This SELLER feature will allow agents to not only set up their buyers with custom searches—but also assign their sellers to their "Associated Property" to receive information on similar homes and activity in the market. This much-needed feature allows your active sellers to remain informed and competitive. 


The sellers will be seeing LIVE MLS data versus checking an advertising site. They will also receive alerts of anything new hitting the market right away or status changes. 



Set up a Seller in Collaboration Center:


After the seller's listing has been entered into the MLS, you can assign the property to the seller already created as a contact in Paragon. If the seller is not set up in Paragon's contacts, simply click Add Contact and categorize them as a seller to be added to your seller groups. Please see directions here



1.) To assign a property to a seller, simply select "View/Manage Contacts" and open up desired contact (seller). 

2.) Once a contact is opened, select the Seller Folder. This allows you to choose an "Associate Property" for your contact (Seller). From here, click on "Select a Listing."

3.) A pop-up window will open with an address or list of addresses to assign to your contact (Seller). Click the box so the property highlights green and click Save

4. Once the Associated Property is assigned, you can activate the Collaboration Center so your seller can track activity on listings similar to their home. See video Collaboration Center overview below, which includes details about the Seller Side. 

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