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Jul. 24, 2018

Transaction Desk's Usability Enhancements

Instanet's Transaction Desk released four (4) new user-friendly features to make the user/agent experience more convenient, and help with day-to-day challenges often experienced by agents. All these enhancements are available to users as of May 30, 2018.


Usability Enhancements Include:


1. Navigation Between Transactions: Meaning, when users are viewing multiple transactions, each transaction will have its own window in your browser; making it easier to multitask. At a glance, there's an easy-to-understand naming convention, with Address|TransactionDesk as the tab headline.

2. Improved Search: Meaning, more intuitive searching will be enabled; allowing the system to remember your preferred filtered search. It will also remember the last search you pulled up. These filter options are available in the TransactionDesk Mobile App as well. 

3. Broker & Agent Dashboard: This feature is available for users who work for both the broker and the agent(s) such as an office admin or the broker. These users will have the flexibility to switch between views; making navigation less cumbersome. 

4. Statuses of Transactions Update: When viewing transactions in a list, users will see a completion status of each transaction.

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