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May. 01, 2017

1.) Instanet:  Included in your MiRealSource membership is the digital forms program, Instanet. Instanet allows agents to manage a transaction from A to Z. Within your Instanet forms, you’ll see templates of which forms to use depending on the type of property, transaction, circumstance, and more. Brokers can have their own custom forms, include forms from the MLS and/or forms from their association. Each transaction is organized and can be maintained and shared with your clients all digitally; no need to print and drive around to have them view any documents. And check out the class schedule to see scheduled Instanet classes at MiRealSource.

2.) Authentisign: Wet signatures are no longer required to finalize a transaction. Once you have your Instanet document ready for your client to sign—simply open the document(s) in Authentisign and send them to your client where they can sign digitally and return. Clients can sign with text boxes, their finger tip (on a tablet), initial, or choose from unique fonts to add to designated signature lines. You as their agent, can also mark up or highlight changes to the document, therefore places to sign or initial the document is easier. This will help avoid them missing a step and you can get that transaction finalized or offer submitted even faster. And check out the class schedule to see scheduled Authentisign classes at MiRealSource.

3.) Homesnap Pro:  Given the market's low inventory, it’s extremely important for an agent to have other agents' contact information and of course, LIVE MLS listing inventory at their fingertips. To make sure you are not missing out as an agent, easily download on your smart phone, MiRealSource’s mobile app-- Homesnap Pro. Homesnap Pro is one of the most popular MLS apps in the nation used by REALTORS® and their clients to access LIVE MLS data and communicate with their clients. Every aspect of Homesnap seamlessly works with your mobile device from Maps & GPS; call or text clients or other agents; schedule showings; and more! 

Click HERE to download Homesnap to your mobile device. And check out the class schedule to see scheduled Mobile Agent classes at MiRealSource.

4.) ShowingTime:  ShowingTime is one of the most highly adopted and beneficial apps used by agents today. ShowingTime is integrated within the MLS and has an app which allows agents to manage their showings within their own profile whether it’s their listings or properties they’re scheduling for their buyers.

ShowingTime streamlines the process of feedback on your listings, manages scheduling, which leads to faster sales and less time going back and forth between several parties to show a home. The listing agent can set up available showing dates and times so sales agents can schedule showings on the listed properties. ShowingTime also allows buyers to provide feedback on how the listing shows and NOW agents can request a specific TYPE of showing. For example: inspection types, photography, showing types, walk-through, broker price option, and radon drop-off.


MiRealSource just recently added a NEW ShowingTime class to our list of classes. 

5.) DSLR Camera: Photography is one of the best ways to market listings. Within MiRealSource’s MLS system, Paragon- high resolution photos are accepted and syndicated throughout desired sites per broker requests. For the best results when marketing a property, a DSLR camera will give agents more control, better detail and more information in the frame to show the space and market the property best. Agents should also consider investing in a wide-angle lens when they purchase a DSLR camera. A wide-angle lens is excellent for real estate because it photographs small spaces and large spaces without distorting photos.


To learn more about using photography to market your listings and equipment options, sign up for MiRealSource's photography classes- Intro, Advanced, Photo Field Trips.

6.) Target Marketing on Facebook: Everyone’s heard of boosting on Facebook, but many agents do not take full advantage of the actual benefits to their business pages and using boosting to target market. Depending on the content you are posting on your business page—a blog, a listing, an open house, a poll, or an event—targeting/boosting your posts can be very helpful and it doesn’t have to cost much. When posting or scheduling a post, the option to boost is below every post. Simply click boost and create your demographic based on interests, age, gender, area, and even the friends of people who currently like your page.


MiRealSource offers hands-on Social Media Marketing for REALTORS® classes where topics such as boosting are taught and much more! 

7.) Box Brownie: One of MiRealSource’s recommended photography companies is BoxBrownie. If you submit your photos (owned by you) to BoxBrownie, they will edit, enhance and even add virtual furniture to a vacant home. BoxBrownie.com continues to revolutionize the photo editing industry with its digital photo editing services. The company is a cloud-based software system designed to make image editing fast, easy and affordable.


Note: If you are using photographs from someone other than yourself (you did not click the shutter); copyrights MUST be assigned to the agent before submitting approval for a 3rd party to edit photographs. Copyrights will be returned to agent after the editing of photographs is complete, and rights do not remain with the BoxBrownie company.  Click HERE to read BoxBrownie's full terms and conditions. 


8.) MarketStats Suite: Are you looking to generate statistics on the market without having to do all the nitty gritty math behind it? Of course, you are! Try out MiRealSource’s MarketStats and pull reports, graphs, and charts on the real estate market. With MarketStats you can see tons of different real estate trends and share them with a client, on your blog/website or use as content for social media. You can also pull many different metrics and narrow it down to your specific areas as well, such as the Entire MLS, County, City, Area, School District, Neighborhood, and more!


MiRealSource offers hands-on Marketing with MarketStats class that discusses the options available but also how to use these trends as content and marketing materials. 

9.) All in One Calculator Mortgage (Mobile Friendly): You can find this custom MiRealSource calculator in Paragon as a quick action link (dark green dollar sign) or under the Financials Tab, labelled as the Mortgage Calculator. The calculator ALSO mobile friendly so if a client wants you to do a rough calculation based off your gathered information, you can run from either your desktop or open the same link on your mobile device.


Click HERE to save this link as an icon on your phone for even easier access. 

10.) Cam Scanner: This is not a MiRealSource tool, but something that will make your life much easier as an agent. Simply go ahead and scan documents right from your mobile device by taking a picture of the document, photo, report, receipt, etc.  This will save you so much time, compared to running to the office to scan and send a document/PDF. And you can keep all your important files organized within the app as well.


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