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Sep. 28, 2015

Introducing Homesnap Pro App

We are thrilled to provide and help you download our newest and most exciting product, Homesnap; which is a mobile app that is extremely dynamic for the real estate professional. It has an MLS/Agent version, a Client Portal version, and a Public Facing version-- now available to downloading via the AppStore or GooglePlay.




The best way to access real-time MLS data on the go

  • Snap any home to find out great information about the property

  • Connects to your existing MLS account

  • Always signed in

  • The MLS/Agent Version includes agent-only info, like commission splits and showing instructions

Analysis of every agent’s activity and deal history

  • Number of sales, location, list vs. buy, average price and type of home

  • Portfolio of each agent’s recent deals for the past 2 years (listings and buyers)

  • Analysis of each agent’s price reductions, days on market and close rate

Instant info on any home, not just listings

  • Basic facts, value, last sale date and price

  • Listings, price changes, contracts, sales and off-markets

  • Unified property history combines all past listings for every home

  • Accurate lot boundaries

  • Similar active listings and recent sales comps

Simple, integrated messaging and communications

  • Call, email or message any agent with a single tap

  • Automatically track the agents you view and work with the most

  • Complete directory of every office and every agent

  • One-tap access to the listing agent, right from any listing




Branded version of Homesnap for your clients and contacts

  • You’re the only agent your contacts ever see in Homesnap

  • Automatically track every home your clients snap, favorite or discuss

  • Recommend homes to any client with a single tap

Engage your entire sphere, not just active buyers

  • Connect with anyone, from the curious to the serious buyer

  • Homesnap is fun and addictive for anyone with even a passing interest in homes

Available automatic email marketing to your entire sphere

  • Every email includes your name, picture and an invitation to “ask a question”

  • Weekly email shows new local listings, contracts and sales, customized for each client

  • Every client who engages becomes “your client” in Homesnap




Your listings are always protected in Homesnap

  • No matter how consumers find your listing, they will see you right there

  • All leads go straight to you in real time

Hook New Leads instantly with unlimited Rapid CMAs

  • Create/Send robust, professional CMA with just a few taps on your phone

  • Capture more leads by responding instantly from wherever you are

Earn Exposure in Homesnap for your expertise and activity

  • Every home you snap with Homesnap is automatically added to your online profile

  • The more homes you snap, the more exposure you’ll get on Homesnap

  • All inquiries are sent directly to you

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