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Nov. 22, 2015

Top 5 Favorite Feature of Cloud CMA

Cloud CMA is an amazing product which is included in your MiRealSource membership; cost for any Non-Member of MiRealSource is $34.95/per month per member. Cloud CMA is the No.1 rated CMA program in the nation and we want to share our Top 5 Favorite Features of Cloud CMA.



Instead of manually keying in multiple MLS numbers to create a beautiful CMA report, simply select (check) the boxes for the ML numbers you wish to use in your CMA then select “actions” from your comparable search in Paragon. Cloud’s integration with Paragon is so fluid, that it quickly autofills those ML numbers right into Cloud CMA. (See Steps Below)



Cloud CMA allows you to refine a page, add, or subtract pages for your CMA presentation. The reports offer many important pages such as Comparable Properties and the Agent’s Resume; but also provides other options such as How the Value of a Home is Determined, Moving Checklists, Brokerage History and MORE.

More importantly, your CMA Presentation can be customized with your brokerage colors, and customize the fonts and layouts for your client’s needs and preferences.

Note: The program always saves the report you last built so there is no need to refine, add or subtract every time. (See Below)



Cloud CMA allows agents the flexibility to share their CMA Report in multiple ways. Simply print, however if you have a very thorough CMA report with images and helpful reference pages, it may be best to use the Presentation Mode and present the CMA report on your iPad or Tablet. This option allows you to run through it with your client and email the full report as a reference that the client can review again later.



In the spring of 2015, Cloud CMA launched the Lead Generation Tool that allows agents to CAPTURE FREE LEADS right from Cloud CMA. This can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest - or can be embedded on your website. The post states, “What’s your home worth”?  Any future lead can plug in their address, name and contact information to get a rough CMA in their market. The lead then goes directly to the agent’s email and in their CMA Reports in Cloud. (See below)



Just like the CMA Reports, you can customize the Property Flyers for open houses, mass mailings and MORE!  It pulls the information directly from Paragon and can be designed to your own personal liking—colors, fonts, layouts, and any additional features included.  (See below)

If you are new to Cloud CMA or want to learn more about these Top 5 Favorite Features; register for a CMA class at MiRealSource or watch our webinars to help become more familiar with this No. 1 rated CMA product. 

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