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Apr. 07, 2017

REMINDER: MiRealSource Photo Rules

Per MiRealSource's rules and copyright laws, we do not allow agents to use photos previously taken from another agent in the MLS. If the home was previously listed by another agent at any point in time, it’s the new listing agent’s responsibility to photograph or hire someone to photograph the listing. Other terms used are scraping, cloning, stealing, copying, or re-using photos from a previous listed home. This is not allowed per our MLS rules. MIRealSource takes photography very seriously as do our broker-owners and agent membership.

MLS Photo Rule: Stated in MIRealSource's MLS Fine Section of Rules and Regulations

If a seller provides you the photos to add to the MLS; you need to ask these important questions below to make sure you do not violate MLS photo rules accidentally or any federal copyright laws.

1.) Were these photos used by a previous agent? (Against MLS rules)

2.) Were these taken by another agent or a professional photographer? (Against MLS rules and Copyright Laws)

3.) Did you (the seller) photograph these listings? (Provide copyright agreement to seller)


If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, you must take the photos yourself, or get the license of copyrights signed over to you. If you are confused who owns the photos, legally it is the person who clicks the shutter, until a copyright agreement is signed over.


MiRealSource Copyright & Photography Education:

For several years now, MiRealSource’s leadership has campaigned the importance of good photography, but also photo rules and obtaining the copyrights. To recap, please see list below.

1.) Copyright Communications & Office/Event Presentations
a.) The proper ways to handle photo ownership. Click 

b.) Photo rules to keep in mind. Click here
c.) Sample copyright documents to use. Click 
d.) Way to manage your photos and streamline your listing photography. Click 
here to view.

2.) Photography program at the MiRealSource
a.) Intro- Photo features, rules, equipment, techniques, copyrights.  Click 
here to view program
b.) Advanced- Advanced Techniques, manual shooting, photo editing.
c.) Photo Field Trips- Apply techniques, skills & techniques at furnished model homes. Click 
here to view details about field trips. More field trips coming this fall.

3.) Recommended Photographers
a.) We have several
 unique and approved photography companies for agents who need a recommended photographer. These approved companies are informed on our photo rules and copyright requirements. Click here to view the list of recommended photography companies.

4.) Firm Watermarking & Highest Resolution
a.) MiRealSource will apply a firm watermark to firm listing photos to help manage ownership of the photographs and prevent stealing of photos.
b.) Please email our support team at 
support@mirealsource.com, if you are interested in activating your watermarks. The broker must request watermark activation.

c.) We encourage high resolution photographs and allow a resolution of 1280x960ppi.The minimum resolution allowed is 640x480ppi, per our rules.

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