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Aug. 22, 2018

The Importance of Geocoding your Listings

Geocode means mapping. MiRealSource wants all listing agents to “map” or “geocode” their listings. With your listing(s) mapped correctly, this will ensure all Paragon users with the most accurate and precise data. Paragon will try to Geocode the property for you, but if it isn’t sure about the location it will leave the Geocode blank. Even if it does Geocode the listing automatically, there is a chance the auto geocode might not do the location justice.


As a Listing Agent, if you forget to Geocode your listing or it is coded incorrectly; other agents may NOT see it, which can cause you to miss a sale. As Buyers’ Agents, your goal is to help your client find their perfect home in a specific area. And in that search for the perfect home, you have created a map search in Paragon specifically for this client, where they are receiving auto notifications of every new listing in that area – Or are they? If the listing agent has not/incorrectly Geocoded, neither you nor your client will see a home in that area.


The solution is simple – You should be manually Geocoding every listing. When adding a listing into Paragon, ALWAYS be sure to click on the Validate Map link. This allows you to change or assign the map location of the listing for proper data quality.

If the mapped location is not correct, do one of the following:


  • Simply Click and Drag the orange marker to the correct location.

  • Select on the Push Pin tool and click on the map to set the location.

  • Or click on the Address Search to type in a custom address to find it on the map.


Note: Using the Zoom (+ / - ) on the map will allow you to view an aerial image.


After doing one of the steps above, the orange marker will reset to the new location as well as the Geocode (longitude and latitude) will be reset. Once the Geocode (location) is correct, click Save.

If you neglected to validate the map, after making a listing active, there is still a way to correct the Geocode.


1. Simply choose the Listings tab in Paragon, and then select Listings under Maintain.

2. Locate the listing you want to maintain and choose the Select an Action link.

3. The Select an Action module will appear – Choose the Change Geocode option and follow the same steps mentioned above.

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