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Nov. 09, 2021

Top Listing Input Photo Features in Paragon: 


Listing input with Paragon is a breeze with many of its integrations and auto population features, but Paragon’s photo features cannot be ignored! 


1.) High Resolution Photos: Our high resolution photos not only looks great but it uploads fast and auto resizes and formats your photos to look their very best. Paragon offers the highest in the state and with an even higher resolution of 3072 X 2304 resolution coming soon in 2022; sending your vibrant and sharp photos, you can market your photos in the best possible way. 

2.) Four Fields for Promotional Videos/Tours: Within Paragon’s listing input, you can easily add up to four promotional videos links for virtual tours, aerial videos and/or custom promotional videos. This includes two fields for branded video links with your name and logo to be displayed (Single Property Website or Syndication sites) and two fields that are for unbranded link that is universal (MLS, Data Sharing, IDX, Collaboration Center).

3.) Captions AND Descriptions: Many systems only allow for a label on each photo, Paragon allows for DESCRIPTIONS on each and every photo. This allows you to really sell the features of the home that could be overlooked in a report or even the photo. This also allows you to tell a story for a potential buyer as they experience the home through your photos. 


4.) 99 Photos: Paragon’s photo input allows up to 99 photos added to the MLS system. Whether you use all 99 placeholders for photos, it's up to you, but you are far from limited in the amount of photos you can add into the system. We also suggest quality over quantity, but don’t be shy to take those extra photos of landscaping, neighborhood, community, garage, or those nice close up photos to highlight any unique details in the home. 

5.) Crop & Rearrange Photos in Paragon: As a time saver, Paragon has the ability to crop, change orientation of the photos and rearrange the order of photos by simply dragging and dropping to the desired order. No more worrying if something snuck into the corners of the photos or having to crop with an outside photo program, you can do it right in Paragon! The Drag and Drop feature makes it easy to play around with the order of photos giving potential buyers a nice experience as they browse through the photos of the home (order of photos can make a big difference). Also, let's not forget, if your phone changed the orientation of the photos and now it's upside down upon upload, you can easily correct the orientation within each photo. 

**MiRealSource also offers a Real Estate Photography Program every quarter for members to learn how to up their skills, learn about equipment options, editing, 3rd party companies to use, and photo management.** 

** MiRealSource offers a NEW Paragon Create a Listing from A-Z class for members that includes how to auto populate from a listing data sheet, properly use tax records, maintain and edit your listings, work with Office Admins/Assistants, add associated docs, and tips for marketing, sharing and promoting your listings.


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