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Jun. 28, 2017

High Resolution Photographs: Paragon accepts high resolution photos for agents to better market their listings. We believe high resolution photos on the web is very important to promote the property, and in today's day and age-even smart phones take high resolution photos. Therefore an MLS system should easily take high resolution photos. MiRealSource’s Paragon allows for 1280x 960 PPI in resolution. At this resolution, your photos will fill the fame on a desktop, tablet and smart phone without distortion or pixelation. 


**High Resolution: 1280x960 ppi or higher**

Upload 69 Photos at a Time: Once you’ve completed the listing photoshoot, choose your favorites and you can add multiple photos in Paragon at a time- 69 at a time to be exact. 

Rearrange photos: When uploading multiple photos at a time, the order can be rearranged after loaded into Paragon. This is a great and convenient benefit because it allows you to tell a story with the flow of photographs and easily drag and drop them into place. 

Crop and Rotate: When maintaining your listing/photo(s) you’ll see a little red pen in the top right corner of the photograph. The red pen allows you to edit that selected photo. It will open up the option to crop a photo or rearrange the orientation. After all, no one wants an upside down photo when looking at photos of their future home. 

Add Captions and Description: After you've uploaded your photos, rearranged them, and cropped or changed the orientation-- NOW you can add photo labels and photo descriptions. We strongly suggest labeling and writing a little something extra about each photo. This is a great way to help tell a story and point out highlighted features of the home. 

Partial Function: Keep in mind Paragon has a unique feature that allows you to save your listing, including photos, as a partial (draft) for you to review/proof one last time. Or perhaps you want it to go LIVE in the MLS, on syndicated sites and listings portals in the morning. Well, you can. Just hit Save As a Partial and come back when you are ready for your listing to go LIVE.

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