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Jan. 18, 2017

ShowingTime's Appointment Calendar

ShowingTime’s Appointment Calendar allows agents, staff, and managers to see appointments at a glance. With multiple viewing options like a day, week, or month, it is easy to see the appointments and their statuses to plan your time effectively.


Knowing what appointments are upcoming and which days are free, can allow all users to make informed decisions. Information can also be gathered about which days and times are typically the busiest in your area. The color of the appointment icon will give you a quick overview of the status of the appointment.  Just roll your mouse over an appointment time for all the additional details.


Yellow – Waiting for Confirmation

Green – Confirmed

Red – Declined or Cancelled

From office managers to agents, the ability to plan provides a valuable insight on your showing activity (agent) or your office's showing activity (manager). You now have the ability to see all this information in one centralized and convenient place.



Examples of Views


Month View:

Week View: 

Day View:

For more information about ShowingTime's Appointment Calendar, click here.

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