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Nov. 01, 2017

Recommended Showing Policy

Within your ShowingTime profile you have an additional authentication tool called the Showing PIN. Every agent can create their own showing pins to add an extra layer for security. This is only applicable if your office allows secretaries to provide showing information over the phone, which is NOT recommended. 


However, with recent media attention regarding lax showing policies, we strongly recommend Brokers add a policy to only allow showings to be scheduled through ShowingTime. This is important because ShowingTime works with the MLS's roster (13 MLSs through the GLR) to verify showings and share confidential showing information- using Contact ID Information contained in the MLS roster. 


Scheduling through ShowingTime also alerts the agent when a showing is being scheduled on their listing and sends a confirmation alert to the agent who scheduled the showing. Therefore, this hinders anyone trying to impersonate an agent.


ShowingTime released the Showing PIN feature for any offices that allow showing information to be shared over the phone with office secretaries (which is still NOT recommended), however it helps confirm the person requesting the showing REALLY is the agent, and is NOT simply using public state licensing information. 


The MLS recommends our Brokers have and enforce a policy to only allow the confirmation and request of showings to be communicated via ShowingTime. We also recommend all agents set their own Showing PIN to reassure any potential sellers that have a Showing Pin or Showing Code request. 


The Showing PIN can be found in your agent profile settings in ShowingTime.

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