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Apr. 15, 2020

April's Member Spotlight: Roseanne Powell


Congratulations Roseanne Powell, Realtor® at Keller Williams Lakeside for being MiRealSource's April Member Spotlight Winner. Roseanne was nominated for being so knowledgeable & kind as well as being such a down-to-earth mentor and Realtor®. She's always helping those new to the industry build confidence and connect with the right people to start their career on the right foot. If you haven't met Roseanne you are in for a treat, you can tell how kind & down to earth she is just by her interview. Well deserved and keep being you! 

Professional Questions: 


Tell us about your real estate career (title, office, years, specialties, designations, etc.)


I have been a full-time Realtor® with Keller Williams Lakeside since 2008. I am so proud to call this brokerage my home-away-from-home for the past 12 years. I jumped into the industry when many were jumping out; it was in the midst of what we now call the Great Recession. 


I was honored with the Regional Rookie of the Year Award the Year, outperforming all other first year agents throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio. In 2011, I earned my Associate Brokers license, and have been named among the top-producing Realtors® in Hour Media’s Magazine nearly every year since 2012. 


I took some time off last year when I became a mommy to twins, which is by far, my greatest accomplishment. During that time I was honored with a Goldman Sachs Small Business Scholarship through Wayne State University, so I spent some time honing my skillset as a leader in my profession. I am a member of our Associate Leadership Council and am thrilled to have mentored a few other top producers and up and coming rock-stars within our industry. 


You’ve been nominated for being so knowledgeable, kind, & down-to-earth mentor and Realtor®, as well as for helping lead & support people getting started in to the industry. In what ways do you feel you provide that support & guidance? 


It is truly an honor to be nominated for being kind & supportive of others getting started in real estate. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have crossed paths with my mentor Lisa Saad in 2007, who later became like family. She taught me so much, so it’s my privilege to pass along those qualities to her honor. 


I love to invest in people when they are willing to pour themselves into something they are passionate about. 


What piece(s) of technology do you incorporate into your business practices?


At Keller Williams, we are on the forefront of technology and I am proud to be learning along side my fellow KW agent. There are many tools being offered to us through KW Command system. Our team engages in various forms on digital marketing, focusing on social media presence, a sophisticated CRM to help us stay in touch with our database and so much more.


Do you have a favorite MiRealSource tool? 

I absolutely love the Homesnap Pro tool that is offered through MiRealSource! It not only allows us to easily market our new listings & sales through social media, it also helps us collect reviews, which is vital in every business nowadays. I highly recommend it. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a REALTOR®?

I realize it sounds cliche, but I really do love watching the young couple just starting out buy their first home, or the empty-nester downsizing or moving to be close to family etc.. There is something very special about being able to have a small part in that. 

What is the most difficult aspect of being a REALTOR®?


The most difficult aspect of being a Realtor®, for many, is that there is not a predetermined salary. You also don’t have predefined hours in which you are to work. Some clients are really challenging and sometimes you work really hard and never see a paycheck as a result of that hard work. These are challenges that aren't meant to be tackled by everyone. It takes a certain type of person, however on the flip side, the possibilities are endless. 


You don't have a salary, which means you can make as much money as you want in this business, you can work whenever you want or don't want, and with whomever you choose. I view these aspects not so much as difficult, but rather liberating. 


What is a “tid-bit” of information people don’t know about being a REALTOR®?


Being a Realtor® is a lot more than just showing homes. Most of us are always learning, growing, and mastering our skills to be the best for their clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate the best price and terms for our clients. We work until the wee hours making sure that all the T's are crossed, a transaction is smooth, and meets the expectations of our clients, while still making it a happy one all around. 


Personal & Fun Questions:


Tell us more about you? (Interests, passions, hobbies, family, etc.)

I am happily married to my wife Holly and we have amazing twin boys, Luke & Liam who are almost 11 months old. Since having the boys, we don't get out much but we adore spending every moment we can with them. Prior to kiddos and hopefully in the future, we enjoyed travel, biking, movies, hanging out in the backyard swimming, gardening and bbq-ing with family and friends. We are planning to build our dream home soon on five acres in northern Macomb County. 

Can you share with us some of your community service involvement, how you became interested, and where or how someone can get more involved? 

Our team hosts a few community-based charity events throughout the year. For the past three years, we have had a very fun euchre fundraiser! In 2018 and 2019 we raised money for a great local non-profit called Vets Returning Home, a 43 bed facility in Roseville that helps veterans with housing, food, job placement, medical needs, transportation and so much more. They are always taking donations of all kinds and have been hit hard by the recent world events so anyone looking to help should reach out! They are on Facebook, or you can find them on the web @www.vetsreturninghome.org

This past year we decided to help a local family and past clients who's two year old is battling terminal cancer. We were thrilled to be able to help them pay two months mortgage payment as well as raise $1000 to be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, at the families request. 

Another popular event we put on every year is our annual Breakfast & Photos with the Easter Bunny, which is typically held two weeks before Easter. Sadly, we had to cancel it this year due to the stay-at-home order, but we will pick it right back up next year! 


What is your life Motto? 

I don't really have a life motto but I do believe that everything happens for a reason and God will never give me anything I cannot handle. Those two statements have helped me through some very difficult times in my life. 


Which personal achievement are you most proud of? 

My best personal achievement is having my boys. This was a long, hard-fought battle and they are our whole world.


Where is the most interesting place you’ve visited?

I have traveled quite a bit in my life, but the most interesting place would have to be Barbados. The people are so nice, life is simple and the locals are immensely grateful for what they have, which is often very little. We have been there four times and are humbled by the experience each and every trip.


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

I have a bucket list of places I intend to visit but the top three are Italy, Australia & Costa Rica. I want to wait until the boys are old enough to appreciate such a journey though, and I should sell a few more houses before doing so too!


Who or what are you most grateful for? 

I reflect often on how fortunate I am for the many blessings afforded to me. I am eternally grateful to God, my mentors within this business, and for those who have supported me and continue to do so. I am also incredibly grateful to my loyal clients - those who remember me when someone mentions they are considering a move. This is truly the greatest compliment when I get a call from someone who was referred by a past client or a friend. I absolutely cannot survive in this business without them, so thank you and please, keep that up!


How are you keeping yourself entertained during the 2020 Quarantine? 

I intend to be busy when the quarantine is over, so for now I am focusing on reaching out to a few clients a day, leaning in on the technology and education offered to me by Keller Williams, so I can continue to serve my clients needs to the fullest. Personally, keeping my tiny humans thriving and being in the moment with them every chance I get is my top priority.