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Apr. 09, 2019

April REALTOR® Spotlight: Penny Semrau

Congratulations Penny Semrau, Branch Manager and Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker Professionals in Richmond. Penny’s office campaigned together to nominate her for the REALTOR® Spotlight feature, expressing her strong ability to lead, uplift, and inspire the whole office. She’s truly loved and appreciated for all her professional and personal guidance—something we all should aspire to be, and lead by example. Way to go!

Professionals Questions: 

Tell us about your real estate career (title, office, years, specialties, designations, etc)?


Branch Manager at Coldwell Banker Professionals, licensed since 1982 (36 years). My designations include GRI, ABR, Associate Broker, and 2nd generation agent. I was mentored by one of the top producers in this area’s real estate industry, my mom


You’ve been nominated for being such a great manager and mentor, what is your best piece of advice to anyone new to the industry?


Best piece of advice to a new agent is to observe. Observe what to do and what not to do. Determine what kind of agent you want to be and formulate your business to meet your goals. Always keep learning.


You’ve been the managing broker at Coldwell Banker Professionals for almost 2 years; what attracted you to this office and group of agents? 


I love the Coldwell Banker brand and what it represents. It was founded on ethics and high standards plus Coldwell Banker has always been on the leading edge of technology too. What attracted me to this company is that our broker is tremendous, he knows all of the agents by name, he genuinely cares about everyone who works with us and he listens to everybody’s input. I consider myself to be the lucky one, for our office has the most incredible culture. All the agents chip in and help each other out, we collaborate and we have fun along the way. Work is better when you love where you are, what you do and who you do it with.


Many agents from your office nominated you for your leadership skills, helpful attitude and real, genuine personality; can you share some leadership tips for those who want to become a manager, broker, or team leader in real estate?


To be a great leader (manager), I feel like you should lead by example. I try to do my best, to pay attention, listen and create a positive upbeat environment to grow. My passion is growth. I love assisting an agent to become better. Whether it’s in their business or personal life. Treat the agents you work for as your clients.


Which professional achievement are you most proud of? 


The professional achievement I’m most proud of is my reputation. I’ve worked very hard over the years to give great service to my customers and clients.


What is the most common “tid-bit” of information most people don’t know being a REALTOR®?


Being a REALTOR® is an honor. As I tell new recruits, "all REALTORS® are real estate agents but not all real estate agents are REAL-TORs." We follow a code of ethics that sets us apart from regular agents. 


What is the most rewarding aspect of being REALTOR®?


The most rewarding part of being a REALTOR® is that we have such a strong political support system in Michigan. Which helps to protect our industry plus the general public. We are very fortunate as a group.


What is the most difficult aspect of being a REALTOR®?


The most difficult aspect of being a REALTOR® is that the general public doesn’t really know the difference between a Real Estate agent and REALTOR®, and its value REALTOR®. 



Personal Questions:


Tell us more about you? (Interests, passions, hobbies, family, etc.)


My interests include: cooking, meditation, health, puzzles, reading, my three (3) kids, four (4) grandchildren (ages 6,3,2,1). I like to be the “FUN” grandma.


Can you share with us some of your community service involvement, how you became interested, and where or how someone can get more involved? 


Community Service For many years I headed up the Toys for Tots Collection in the Utica Community Schools with the Marines we collected over $30,000 a year in toys for the needy in Macomb county. Currently, I serve as a lead usher at Kensington Church in Lake Orion. Our office will be having a Pet Adoption event on May 18, 2019 11:00a.m.-3:00p.m.


What is your life Motto? My life motto is to serve.


Which personal achievement are you most proud of? 


What I’m most proud of is my kids, as a single mom for several years, I raised three (3) brilliant children that have been the light of my life. I’m so proud of who they are and who they are becoming.


Where is the most interesting place you’ve visited?


The most interesting place I’ve ever visited is Germany and France. Although they are industrialized countries, the way of life is so different than the US. The landscape is breathtaking. Real Estate is done completely different there too.


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? 


If I could visit anywhere I’d go to Africa on a safari (a photographic experience). How beautiful to experience the wild. My second choice would be Bali for a religious experience.


Who or what are you most grateful for? 


I am so grateful for the people who have come in and sometimes out of my life. They have made me who I am and taught me so much.


What are your hopes for 2019?


My hopes for 2019 is continued growth spiritually, mentally and physically. That those around me get as much benefit from me as I get from them.