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Dec. 17, 2019

Congratulations to Jamie Begin, REALTOR® at Keller Williams Great Lakes on being MiRealSource’s December REALTOR® Spotlight Winner! Jamie was nominated for being such a genuine, helpful and charitable person. Jamie received many nominations discussing how supportive personally and professionally she's been to fellow agents and within her community. Jamie's made such an impact in the industry from working in all aspects within the KW family & the KW Great Lakes brokerage to her involvement within the associations and the RPAC committee. We look forward to seeing all your good deeds and changes you are making in 2020. Keep it up! 

Professional Questions:


Tell us about your real estate career (title, office, years, specialties, designations, etc.)

I started my career in 2000 at Keller Williams Lakeside as a front desk receptionist.  Shortly after, I moved into an agent services position at KW Lakeside. I ended up moving to Keller Williams Great Lakes in Saint Clair Shores, My hometown. In 2004 I passed the Real Estate exam and began selling as well as working as staff for Keller Williams Great Lakes. 


A few years later, I moved into a Market Center Administrator position which is similar to an office CFO/accountant for 4 years, and then the team leader/CEO position where I spent 6 years. I learned a lot from all of my positions at Keller Williams Great Lakes!


In 2015, I decided to go into full-time sales, and start my own real estate team and Broker of Record for Keller Williams Great Lakes until this year. Now 100% focused on being a real estate team leader/REALTOR®, my sales team consists of Anthony Tranchida, Susan Kohl, Erika Gwyn & Jerry Smith

You’ve been nominated for being such a generous person with your time and support & a wonderful example of a leader; in what ways do you think you demonstrate these qualities?

I really enjoy helping agents to succeed. There is nothing more rewarding than encouraging an agent and being a part of their growth. I believe in servant leadership, and to give back wherever I can.

You currently have a team working for you; what about working in a team is different than being a sole agent? (pros, cons, adjustments, tips, getting started)

I’d say many pros, especially having a team. Having a team allows me to continue to be a leader and to help the agents on my team grow, learn & succeed.

Which professional achievement are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my seeing others I have helped succeeding. I spend a lot of time educating myself in real estate to therefore continue to grow into a better real estate professional. And when I can share that with others, witness it click and come together—watching their success is so rewarding. Nothing is more rewarding as a professional. 


What is the most common “tid-bit” of information most people don’t know being a REALTOR®?

I’d say lead generation is the most important task, and not everyone enjoys lead generation in the same way. If you pick the top sources of lead generation you most enjoy— focus on those sources—the rest is easier!


What piece(s) of technology do you incorporate into your business practices?

I use all the KW tech solutions. KW has a new CRM called Command that I use to manage my database & clients. I also use MarketStats Suite and the Cloud CMA through MiRealSource often. They’re two of my favorites offered by MiRealSource. 


What is the most rewarding aspect of being REALTOR®?

The most rewarding thing about being a REALTOR®,  besides helping other agents, is the joy on your clients’ faces when you hand them the keys to their new home. It’s wonderful sharing so many important moments in their life.


What is the most difficult aspect of being a REALTOR®? 

The most difficult part to me is time away from friends and family. Clients want and have availability to do things with their limited schedules, therefore it can often be giving up nights and weekends. Flexibility is key. 



Personal & Fun Questions:


Tell us more about you? (Interests, passions, hobbies, family, etc.)

I love traveling, boating, my husky & spending time with my husband. Another passion I have is Community Involvement. 


Can you share with us some of your community service involvement, how you became interested, and where or how someone can get more involved?

I like to throw fundraisers for people who have gone through recent tragedies. At KW Great Lakes we are the founding members of Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids, and we all love participating & helping that organization. I also serve as a director on the GPBR. Serving on the Fair Housing, Education & Grievance committees


Which personal achievement are you most proud of?

My most proud personal achievement is my friendships. I have many wonderful, life-long friends that I have had for 20+ years, and made many “newer” friends that I plan to have for 20+ more years— many who are also REALTORS®. Friendships can be challenging which takes effort to work to grow, so I am proud to have so many great people in my life.


Where is the most interesting place you’ve visited?

The most interesting place I have visited are the Corn Islands in Nicaragua. They are very remote Islands. Actually one of the islands does not even allow motorized vehicles and they speak Creole English.


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Tour Europe and experience the cultures. 


Who or what are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for my family. The whole Begin family are givers & doers for other people. I learned so much from them all. 

What is your Christmas wish for 2020? 

Besides good tidings and peace on earth, I would say my Christmas wish for 2020 is that more REALTORS® make time to serve on Committee's, participate in local events and be involved in their local Board of REALTORS® Association. Along with Educating themselves how RPAC donations help keep us all in business.