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Aug. 11, 2020

August's Member Spotlight Winner: Stacy Priehs

Congratulations to Stacy Priehs, Realtor® & Office Manager at Coldwell Banker Professionals in Port Huron for being MiRealSource's August Member Spotlight Winner. Stacy's genuine kindness & motivation to assist agents achieve their full potential is one of the many reasons she received several nominations for the Member Spotlight feature. 

Stacy's ability to multitask and achieve hers and her office goals demonstrates wonderful leadership in the industry as well as her involvement in many local charities.  It's easy to see Stacy's kind and positive personality shine through in her interview and we are so excited to have her as August's Spotlight winner. Awesome job!

Professional Questions: 


Tell us about your real estate career (title, office, years, specialties, designations, etc.) 


I began my career with a small independent broker in 1996. In 2017, I joined the Coldwell Banker Professionals family as Manager of their Port Huron office. Over the past 24 years, I have been very involved with the Eastern Thumb Association of Realtors where I am now serving my second term as President of the Association.  But I have held multiple positions, from committee members to the executive board. 


You’ve been nominated for being someone who seeks to help out by assisting fellow agents with kindness as well as being an excellent manager juggling the office duties and growth in addition to motivating agents to reach their full potential. Can you talk a little more about this & where these qualities come from? 


My motivation is very selfish. Before taking on the Manager position with Coldwell Banker Professionals, I realized that I wanted to do more than just help clients buy and sell real estate.  As impactful as that can be, I was looking for something that offered the opportunity to help others grow and find success.  I wanted to do something that would make an impact, something that would make a difference. My motivation comes from seeing others excel and find success for themselves.  That is MY motivation!  


How did you get started in the real estate industry? 


I had an uncle that owned a Real Estate Brokerage in California.  While I was attending college there, I was intrigued by what he did.  My final college project was actually based on owning a real estate brokerage that specialized in “flips”, long before that was popular.  Years later, when my uncle moved to the Blue Water area, he encouraged me to pursue a career in real estate. I was a young mother at the time and nervous about a career change, but with the support of my family, decided to go all in.   I’ve never looked back. 


What professional achievement are you most proud of? 


That’s a tough one.  I was very proud to have been chosen as ETAR Realtor of the Year. The honor of being recognized by your peers and representing them at the next level is both exciting and meaningful.  But, on a day-to-day basis, I find that I am so very proud of the growth we have experienced in our office.  It has truly been a team effort. And when one of our agents experiences a big win, closes a big deal, or overcomes a situation that has been especially difficult for them,  there is always a sense of pride that comes from their successes!


What piece(s) of technology do you incorporate into your business practices? 


Oh gosh!  I kind of think of myself as a techie.  I couldn’t operate without my phone and my laptop! But, some of my favorite tools are:


  • Homesnap: for easy access to listing info, advertising, and lead generation.
  • Transaction Desk & Authentisign:  easy transaction management and doc prep.
  • Aurora HDR: Photo editing software
  • Google Suite: Especially my Google Calendar - Personal and Office level

Do you have a favorite MiRealSource tool?  


So many GREAT Tools, but I think Homesnap is my favorite.


What is the most rewarding aspect of being a REALTOR®?


You know it’s a great profession when you look forward to going to work everyday!  The most rewarding aspect of being a REALTOR®is knowing that what we do is meaningful and can have an impact on an entire family. 


What is the most difficult aspect of being a REALTOR®?


The most difficult aspect of being a Realtor®, especially at this time, is you can’t win them all.  It’s hard to deliver bad news. 


What is a “tidbit” of information people don’t know about being a REALTOR®?


Most people have no idea how impactful we are as an organization. They do not know that we advocate on behalf of consumers to promote and protect their property rights & home values, to limit taxation, to promote sustainable growth and community development.  


They also don’t know how often we lose sleep over a deal! 


Personal & Fun Questions:


Tell us more about you? (Interests, passions, hobbies, family, etc.)


Well, I’ve been married to this great guy for 32 years, Brad, and we have two grown children, Nicholas and Madison.  We are self-defined foodies. We enjoy hosting Sunday dinners for our family as well as our extended family.  We love to travel. Golf is our sport of choice, though as spectators there is nothing better than a Saturday spent at The Big House watching a college football game. GO BLUE!


Can you share with us some of your community service involvement, how you became interested, and where or how someone can get more involved? 


I’ve always had a desire to give back to my community, so I have involved myself with The Marysville Rotary Club, a local Woman’s Life group, United Way of St. Clair County, chaired the Yes! For Marysville’s Future Committee–Successful campaign to pass a 3.78 mil school bond, School PTAs, The 3 Day for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and several others.  Many of those opportunities presented themselves through my kids’ activities, church groups, or an association with other colleagues.  I would encourage anyone and everyone to join their local Rotary Club.  You will have the chance to meet and network with other professionals, neighbors, and leaders in your community while also “doing good”!  Fraternal Organizations, like Woman’s Life, also offer you an opportunity to find like-minded individuals that come together to effect change in their communities. 


What is your life Motto? 


Never ask of someone else what you would not do yourself.


Which personal achievement are you most proud of? 


My family.  I’m extremely proud of my kids. I’m proud of who they are as people. Not just their accomplishments, but more so their qualities. I hope they know that! 

Where is the most interesting place you’ve visited?


There is no ONE place that I can think of.  I love to see new places and do new things, but so many have been spectacular in their own right! 


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? 


The list is long, but the number one spot belongs to Italy right now. I want to explore the food, the wine, the history and the culture. 


Who or what are you most grateful for?


Right back to my family.  I’m very grateful for our health, our growth and the relationships we share. 


What are your hopes for the rest of 2020? 


2020 will surely be a year for the record books! My hope is for continued good health - physically, emotionally, and financially, for all that have been lucky enough to have it and healing for those not as fortunate. I have hope that we will find direction in a time when there is no clearly defined path.