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Nov. 01, 2017

Homesnap Pro TAB 

Homesnap recently released the NEW Pro Tab within the Homesnap app. The Pro Tab is a one-stop destination for accessing Homesnap features that are only available to agents and is not seen by clients in Homesnap. Homesnap released this Pro Tab based off agents' most requested features for easy access in the app.


Pro Tab Includes: 

  • Search for other agents

  • Manage client relationships

  • View Homesnap tutorials & FAQ

  • Create a Listing Ad *NEW*

  • Edit existing ad campaigns *NEW*


In addition to easy-access features, a new Facebook Listing Ad is right in the app for any agents' active listings, recent sales or rental properties. Simply just tap “Advertise a Listing."Please keep in mind this is a separate feature from the MLS and has a cost. 

From the Pro Tab, agents can also edit all of their ​live Listing Ads on Facebook, including adjusting, copying, swapping out background images and changing the ad's landing page. The Facebook ad features are accessed by tapping “Advertise a Listing” and then toggling from “My Listings” to “Active Ads” at the top of the screen.

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