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Mar. 18, 2015

New Listing Auto Save Feature

You asked for it, we delivered! Listing input will now automatically save data at 60 second intervals.  We have all been there – unexpectedly interrupted while entering a listing and find that the Session Timed Out, or have Closed the Browser by accident.  Great new feature is now available that a message will appear in the Alert Widget that there is a Recovered Listing when the user logs in the next time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This new feature ONLY APPLIES when ADDING A BRAND NEW LISTING and will not be available for Listing Maintenance (i.e. does not apply any time after an ML # or Partial Listing # is assigned to your listing).  This “Recovered Listing” data applies to Listing Data Form Fields ONLY and will NOT retain Listing Photos and/or Associated Documents.

Only a single instance of listing data will be recovered. The user can click the “Recovered Listing” icon and the following options will appear: 

1.) Load Recovered Listing Data: Loads the recovered listing input form allowing the user to continue to working from the last point of data retention.

2.) Remove: Gives the user the option to delete the recovered input data if desired.

3.) Cancel: Allows the user to close the window and continue working elsewhere in the system. Recovered Listing Data is retained and can be accessed at another time (for up to seven (7) days). 

Accessing Listing Input with Existing Recovered Data

If a user attempts to begin a new listing when recovered data is present they will be provided the following options


1.) Load Recovered Listing Input Data: Loads input form with recovered data.

2.)Continue Loading New Listing Input Form: Will load a NEW input form.


CAUTION:  Selecting the 2nd option (Continue Loading New Listing Input Form) the recovered data will be deleted from the system.

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